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The year is 2134; man has discovered hyper space travel. Due to extreme overpopulation of our own solar system, NASA has deployed several teams to search for other deep space regions to claim as our own. Upon investigation of nearby planetary systems, you and your team of space explorers discover the human habitable planetary system, Xylo, not too far from your team's location. Thus, you embark on your journey. However, during your travel to Xylo, something goes horribly wrong. Your spacecraft, Ancora, suffers a critical engine failure and crashes. You wake up alone and confused. The Communication station is destroyed and supplies are limited. There is no time to panic, you must find your crewmates and figure out a way to survive.

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Published107 days ago
Tags2D, Exploration, Horror, Sci-fi

Install instructions

Just install, unzip, and launch Xylo.exe to start playing!


Xylo.zip (33 MB)


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Could you add some screenshots? :)

Added! :)

Fun game, I really liked the atmosphere! Feels like a mix between Myst and Dead Space.